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Oculus Rift ‘Crescent Bay’ is Designed for Audiophiles – Here’s Why that’s Important for VR

Oculus’ latest feature prototype VR Headset, code-named Crescent Bay, was out in force at this year’s CES, blowing minds left, right and centre. But whilst debate rages over precisely what optics and display it contains, Crescent Bay‘s audio has been somewhat sidelined. Here’s why Oculus’ work on building a dedicated audio pipeline with high-end hardware… […]

CES 2015: But Seriously, This is What 3DHead Had to Say for Themselves

It looks like many of you enjoyed our concise analysis of 3DHead. While we had a bit of fun with the company’s massive gaming helmet (making sure here that we don’t confuse it with an actual VR headset), we didn’t arrive at our conclusion lazily. We tested the unit and spoke directly with the company’s… […]

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