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Virtuix Demonstrates Self-adjustment Capabilities of Omni VR Treadmill (video)

From the get-go, the Virtuix Omni VR treadmill was designed to be both adjustable and collapsible, allowing it to work for users of different heights and be stowed away out of sight. For the first time at CES 2015, Virtuix showed off the production version of the Omni and how easy it is for a… […]

Oculus Rift ‘Crescent Bay’ is Designed for Audiophiles – Here’s Why that’s Important for VR

Oculus’ latest feature prototype VR Headset, code-named Crescent Bay, was out in force at this year’s CES, blowing minds left, right and centre. But whilst debate rages over precisely what optics and display it contains, Crescent Bay‘s audio has been somewhat sidelined. Here’s why Oculus’ work on building a dedicated audio pipeline with high-end hardware… […]

Exclusive: Visionary Genius Behind ‘BUTTS’ Elucidates on Must-see VR Masterpiece

Tyler Hurd’s Proto Award nominated “BUTTS: The VR Experience” is a VR masterpiece for the ages. How did this creative genius manage to distill such tear-worthy beauty into a VR experience of only two minutes? Not content to guess, we spoke directly with the visionary himself. As the auteur behind the project puts it, “‘BUTTS: The VR… […]

CES 2015: Leap Motion Co-Founders Talk ‘Dragonfly’ Made-for-VR Motion Input Camera

At CES 2015 last week, we met up with Leap Motion co-founders Michael Buckwald and David Holz to try their latest prototype motion input camera, codenamed ‘Dragonfly’, and chat with the duo to learn more about their plans for making gesture input part of every VR experience. Leap Motion is a low-cost motion input camera that… […]

FOVE’s Eye-tracking VR Headset Enables Disabled Boy to Play Piano in School Concert, Donate to Spread the Tech to Other Special Needs Schools

FOVE, the Japan based VR headset creator, is using their eye-tracking technology in a new project: ‘Eye Play the Piano‘, a collaborative partnership with the University of Tsukuba’s Special Needs Education School which aims to give physically-disabled students the gift of music creation. The integration of low latency eye-tracking into head-mounted displays is often hailed… […]

Phase Between the Real and Virtual World With Leap Motion and a Swipe of Your Hand

With a recent pivot toward virtual reality, Leap Motion is continuing to discover useful ways to use their motion input controller for virtual reality. The company has devised a new gesture which activates and deactivates passthrough camera functionality with a simple swipe of the hand. See Also: Oculus Rift VR Experiences Take Top Spots in Leap Motion… […]

News Bits: Samsung’s Milk VR to Host Footage of NBA Games

Samsung recently announced a partnership with the NBA at this year’s CES, which, come February, will aim to give Gear VR owners the best seat in the house for game action and behind-the-scenes footage. See Also: CES 2015: ‘The Walking Dead’ Creators Working on New Made-for-VR TV Show It’s not clear at this point whether they plan on hosting panoramic… […]

CES 2015: But Seriously, This is What 3DHead Had to Say for Themselves

It looks like many of you enjoyed our concise analysis of 3DHead. While we had a bit of fun with the company’s massive gaming helmet (making sure here that we don’t confuse it with an actual VR headset), we didn’t arrive at our conclusion lazily. We tested the unit and spoke directly with the company’s… […]

Oculus Rift VR Experiences Take Top Spots in Leap Motion ’3D Jam’ Contest

Leap Motion’s ’3D Jam’ dev contest, presented by the independent games festival IndieCade, is now officially over and the results are in. Among the 20 semi-finalists, who were awarded over $75,000 in prizes by a jury composed of Leap Motion staff and members of the IndieCade community, only two teams have received a spot at… […]

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